26 Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas 2018

Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

We are a big fan of Halloween just like you are. We are not only crazy about the spooky monsters and scary creatures, we also love to see the crazy vibes and originality that Halloween brings out in its creative fans. We have brought for you a round of Plus Size Halloween Costume ideas that would make you go WOW. It’s all about letting your imagination go wild and create costumes that instantly remind you of your favorite characters.

Did you dress up this Halloween? Did you check out our list of 10 best places to buy affordable plus size clothing or did you DIY it? Of course, when it comes to finding the perfect Halloween costumes a little inspiration could be useful to start the process. There are so many sources of plus size Halloween costume ideas out there. You can choose a costume that brings out your inner fairytale princess, a superhero, or even a sexy vixen! It all boils down to how is your mood and well, of course, the venue.

Some folks were quite innovative. I mean, who says plus size curvy girls cannot put on a Princess Jasmine costume or become a wonder woman or transform into a character from the Pirates of the Caribbean or command the weather like Marvel’s Storm? It’s just a matter of using your imagination and inspiration for getting the look that fits your vision! And if you’re not sure where to begin to this search of inspiration, no worries. We’ve got your problems sorted. From bloggers to cosplay heroes to illustrations, we have rounded up quite a few sources for inspiration to get you a Halloween dress. And just so you know, even plus size women can turn into a Disney characters or Marvel superhero.

We have recently shared a killer collection of Halloween costume ideas for a group or family. If you’re looking for group costume ideas for Halloween, you would surely love it.

This Halloween dress scary as your wild and crazy imaginations would go. There are many Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas out there and we are sharing with you the 26 halloween dresses that slayed and made us go wow! Put on your thinking cap and let your imagination flow to make your own version of affordable and cheap plus size Halloween costumes.

Mada L Ambers as The Incredibles Halloween costume

women's plus size halloween costumes

Miz Liz of BBWGeneration in Wonder Woman costume for Halloween 

plus size halloween costume

Willow Curves in a Vegas Showgirl costume

vegas showgirl halloween costume

Cat Can Craft as POM Juice

Plus size halloween dress idea

Curves on the Move as Storm

plus size halloween dresses

She Might Be Loved as Ursula

halloween costume plus size women

Chante’ of Everything Curvy and Chic as Cleopatra  

plus size halloween dress for women

Priscilla Ono and Friend in BAPS costume for Halloween

plus size costume idea for halloween 2017

Shannon of Sweets4asweet Cosplay as Fiona

halloween costume for plus size women

Tiffany The Plus Size Fashion Slayer in a Scarecrow costume for Halloween

plus size dress for halloween

Lilhevn as Mystique / Raven Darkhölme X-men costume

plus size dress for halloween

Little Lime Dressed in The Evil Queen Halloween costume

evil queen halloween costume

Just Bre Your Curvy Self as Cruella de Vil

sexy plus size halloween dresses

Frenchie Davis as Elle Driver

plus size nurse halloween costume

Jess (@jescurve) dressed in Jessica Rabbit dress/costume for Halloween

sexy plus size halloween costume

Cheri L. and friend as Selma and Patty from the Simpsons for Halloween night party cosplay

simpsons halloween dress for plus size

Liris C dressed in Playboy Bunny costume

playboy bunny costume halloween

Queen Latifah in Maleficent costume

plus size halloween dress idea

Courtney of Courtney Noelle dressed in Ursula costume for Halloween

plus size dress

Nedra as a Fallen Angel

fallen angel halloween costume idea

The Curvy Fashionista-Marie Denee as Poison Ivy

haloween costume idea 2017

Sarah Rae as The Queen

halloween costume idea 2017

Cora of Vintage or Tacky as Steampuck Seamstress

plus size halloween dress idea

Halloween Makeup Inspiration from Runa of Glam By Runa

halloween dress idea

Loey Lane in Red Riding Hood costume

halloween costume idea plus size

Rainbow Brite by Brichibi Cosplays

plus size halloween costume ideas