Black Friday Clothing and Apparel Deals Predictions for 2020


Shopping for clothing online is now easier than ever, and Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday all offer an abundance of deals on the latest apparel, shoes, hats, and accessories. While it can be intimidating and scary to buy clothing online that you cannot physically touch, retailers now offer accurate sizing charts, high-quality sizing videos, and customer-friendly return policies.

Black Friday Has Better Clothing Deals Than Thanksgiving

In previous years, we actually saw stores having worse deals on Friday compared to Thursday. That trend reversed last year, and Black Friday consistently had equal to or better deals than Thanksgiving. If you miss out on those two days, Cyber Monday has also been improving in recent years when it comes to clothing. While electronics are still king on Cyber Monday, it is more than possible to meet the predicted average apparel savings of 47.64 percent.

Stores generally do not change their basic clothing sale from year to year, so many of the prices are close to our predictions for 2017.

High-End Clothing Stores:

Most of these retailers are actually department stores with a focus on clothing, but their sales are usually much different than the niche list above. Additionally, the prices are usually much higher for their apparel despite the discounts, so shopping at these retailers requires different budgeting. In past years, high-end clothing stores have also been more creative with their discounts. Instead of offering 50 percent off the entire store, they may have deals like buy two shirts, get one 75 percent off.

  • Lord & Taylor: Up to 80% Off Women’s, Up to 65% Off Men’s + Kids’
  • Bloomingdale’s: 50% Off Select Clothing
  • Barney’s New York: 40% Off Select Styles
  • Nordstrom: 30% Off Select Clothing

    Expect most deals to be available online, but select gift giveaways may only be available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Clothing Only Stores:

While many department stores have great deals on clothing, we recommend starting your search at niche stores. In many cases, niche clothing stores will offer a general storewide discount, so you know exactly how much you are saving. Free gifts are commonly included, and extra impulse buying is limited with no premium televisions or video games also available like they are at department stores. Here is how much you can expect to save at some of the most popular niche clothing retailers.

  • Victoria’s Secret: Free Black Friday Tote w/$75 Purchase
  • H&M: Up to 70% Off
  • Jos. A. Bank: 70% Off Select Pieces of Clothing
  • Revolve Clothing: Up to 65& Off
  • Aeropostale: 40-60% Off The Entire Store
  • American Apparel: Extra 50-60% Off Sale Items
  • American Eagle: 40% Off The Store
  • Ralph Lauren: Up to 60% Off
  • Charlotte Russe: Entire Store $25 or Less
  • Express: 50% Off The Entire Store
  • Gap: 50% Off The Entire Store All Weekend
  • Old Navy: 50% Off The Entire Store

    Expect most deals to be available online, but select gift giveaways may only be available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Average General Discount and Best Average Discount for Black Friday 2017:


Expect to save around 47.64 percent when purchasing clothing and apparel during Black Friday this year. We figured out this percentage by totaling all of the predicted 2017 percentages in the chart at the top of the page and averaging the figure by the total number of stores in the list. Our prediction from last year came out to be 49.38 percent, so we do not think the savings will be as high this year.

Smart shoppers should be able to save 65 percent this holiday season, which is five percent more than last year’s prediction of 60 percent. That means we think someone who is only shopping the best sales and taking advantage of all coupons will be able to save 65 percent when shopping for clothing. This is not going to be the typical experience for most holiday shoppers, and most are only going to save around 47.64 percent.

Black Friday Clothing and Apparel Predictions Conclusion

Compared to electronics, clothing is not really going to get a ton of coverage this year. Regardless, that does not mean there are not going to be some absolute steals available, both in-store and online. Remember to never pay shipping charges and to start your shopping at stores like Macy’s and JCPenney. Despite the fact that there will be a ton of deals for winter clothing, it is actually better to wait until January. Opt for fall clothing and other out-of-season apparel.