29 Killer Halloween costume ideas for full family


Halloween, the day of witches and vampires, may well come from Ireland. But today is a celebration celebrated all over the world! In France, the festival is popular with children who love to go door to door and receive sweets during the night of October 31st. And it is becoming more and more celebrated by some young people and their parents.

Halloween costumes ideas for full family: 29 ideas for adults and children!

halloween costume original homemade

In Canada, closer to the United States, where Halloween is truly an institution, the number of children likely to go door-to-door on the night of October 31 st was more than 3, 500,000 in 2015! Moreover, if Halloween is successful in Europe, it is also because the festival mixes many traditions (Celtic, Roman, Christian …) that were well known in the countries of the old continent.

Many families all over the world prefer the original homemade Halloween costumes


If you are looking for original and homemade Halloween costume ideas for this year, you are one of the people who like to combine October 31 with creative activities. Even though costume rentals are available in many parts of the world, a large majority of families continue to make their own party clothes. Let’s see some original examples that you can take back for your disguise this year!

Costume Idea for Girl: Cat, symbolic animal of the Halloween party


Need ideas for a last minute outfit that would be pretty cute? Try a themed disguise in black cat, one of the animals typically associated with witches and the Halloween party.

Halloween costume original and easy to create: look of Wednesday Friday Addams


Wednesday Friday Addams is one of the most recognizable and easy to imitate female characters for the night of October 31st. Realizing the look of the Addams family is really easy, especially if you have black hair; you would have to wear a black dress, with a white claudine collar, socks and black shoes. Do not forget the scary makeup that goes with this costume. Start by applying a base in pale tones on your face; then, underline your lips, eyes and eyebrows with the black color.

Halloween Witch costume for sale and easy to recreate


Speaking of witches, there are many models of disguises of this kind that are not difficult to recreate, especially if you want to tinker with a sharp hat and have fun covering your face with a green makeup. Not to mention the small details, like the nail polish in purple.

DIY costume: Gothic Halloween costume for women


The Gothic style is a source of inspiration for fans of the original Halloween disguise. With simple costumes to create vintage outfits, the Gothic look is necessarily accompanied by an appropriate makeup that gives an air of accomplishment to the disguise. Read our special article on gothic makeup to find out more!

Original Halloween Costume for Kids: Garden Dwarf


Some find cute garden dwarfs while others consider them scary. Whatever your attitude in this regard, know that these creatures are part of the European folklore and that of the English-speaking countries. A disguise in gnome would be immediately recognized as fun and original!

Look Halloween for women and costume: Rosie the Riveter


Playing the role of an icon of popular culture in America, does that tell you? So have fun dressing up yourself in Rosie the Riveter.

Homemade costumes for children: easy to make ghost Halloween costumes


In recent years, vampires and the undead were among the most popular scary characters on the night of October 31. But with the return of the films devoted to the ghosts, the white costumes that allow us to incarnate a creature of this type regain their topicality. And so much better since they are really simple to do at home!

Costume Idea for Girls Inspired by the Disney World: The Beautiful Princess


In the history of the Witch's Day, TV and movies have always played an important role in inspiring looks for big and small. Disney characters are among the most loved and most sought after as homemade Halloween costumes. You might actually find some cheap and affordable dresses online too.

Halloween costume ideas for girls


If you've always dreamed of the role of the princess, grab the occasion of the Halloween party. Recreate the character of Belle with a blue and white semi-long dress and an adapted hairstyle!

Halloween costume for women and men inspired by Star Wars


The return of Star Wars saga films inspires parents to bring their children to the world of the Sith and the Jedi. Whether you are passionate about the original trilogy or recently launched episodes, you have plenty of interesting Halloween costume options!

Costume Idea and Costume for Halloween inspired by Batman movies


But the characters drawn from the world of cinema and comics do not stop there at all.

Sample Halloween Costume


Among the ideas of disguise adored by girls and modern boys, there is also the one inspired by Batman's films. Dominated by the black color, the Batman costume exists in several variants; some seduce those who want to stick to the original look of the hero of Gotham City, others - lovers of creative solutions!

Halloween costumes to make cardboard - Lego characters


After the Disney characters who love the little ones, there are other very recognizable creatures: those of the universe Lego ... To take or to leave, the disguise in character Lego is composed of a cardboard painted in the colors of a suit typical of the small figurines we know of our childhood. An idea of Halloween look simple and cheap!

Halloween Star Wars Halloween costume for the whole family

Fun Halloween Look Ideas: Animated Characters


Adopt an original look for the Halloween party does not require too much investment; on the other hand, sometimes the originality of the disguise can hold to our desire to make experiments! Are you ready to paint your skin in an unusual paint color like blue or orange? In this case, you can turn into Smurfs or Marge Simpson!

Original Halloween costume for women: Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson


Moreover, these two looks do not require much effort. You would need a dress typical of the character (white for Smurfette, green for Marge Simpson) and some accessories. Think of a blonde or blue wig, a white bonnet for Smurfette and a necklace with big red beads for Marge Simpson!

Scary Mummy costume for girls: Halloween ideas


Halloween costume for man and boys: Popeye the sailor


As for the enthusiasts of the vintage animated series, they now have the possibility to take back our idea of disguise Halloween man not complicated: Popeye the sailor! Beautiful find for boys who want to show off their muscles, like Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed The Rock, on the picture above.

Halloween Costume: Cheap and Fun Costumes for couple


To impress with his original and homemade Halloween disguise, no need to spend days tinkering with a complicated outfit ... Neither to wear makeup for hours; an original idea is often enough.

Homemade Halloween costume made with a few accessories


In many cases, children have already participated in activities that have asked for the creation or purchase of an original costume. Birthday parties, plays organized at school, fun activities during the summer holidays... So many opportunities related to the preparation of disguises for the little ones.

Halloween costume girl: recycle the original costumes you have at home


When looking for inspiration to make a Halloween costume for children, we rarely think of the outfits that we have already bought for other occasions. And yet, most mothers have it full, stored in a closet at home! Why not recycle such a costume for Halloween on October 31st?

Halloween costume for boy to make quickly


And if you were told that making a Halloween costume for children does not necessarily require sewing skills? Yes, you can rely on everyday clothes, to complete with a few homemade items.

Original Halloween Makeup and Easy Girl Costume


As a result, it can be used as a starting point to adapt this outfit to the Halloween party, using only a few small accessories. Great idea for moms who would like to please their children without spending much!

Halloween makeup and costume easy to make at home


Accompany your Halloween hairstyle and makeup from everyday wear. But, be careful, stick to a precise idea. Go for black and white or for a dress or a tunic imitating the outfit of a mythical goddess... It's up to you!

How to Dress Up for Halloween Without Buying a Costume


Another really practical option for girls and boys who do not want to invest in an original costume: the Halloween makeup. Basically, a suitable hairstyle and Halloween makeup will be ample enough to allow you to completely change look.

Halloween costume for kids: original and cheap costumes


Halloween Costume Idea for a Party with Friends