11 Best Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow

best plus size fashion bloggers

First of all, we want to confess something in front of you. We, you and probably everyone out there relates more to curves than anything else. It is lovely to see when bloggers make great efforts by going out of their way show us exactly how to make the most of what we’ve got in us. We have brought for you 11 plus-size ladies are stunning examples of “love your curves”. Yes, 11 best woman, plus size fashion bloggers. So, if you have not yet started stalking them, there wouldn’t be a better time than this to do so.

11Allison Teng ( Curvy Girl Chic )


Based in California, Allison Teng is a shopoholic and a shoe fanatic. She loves sharing her views and experinaces for fashion , beauty, travel and food. Allison is also a contributor to People Magazine’s StyleWatch.

10Gabi ( GabiFresh )


Chicago-based Gabi describes herself as a “fashion, health & beauty loving curvy girl”.

9Amena Azeez ( Fashionopolis )


From body shaming to body positive, Amena Azeez sets matters straight in her own stunning ways! Follow her to keep yourself updated on high fashion, street styles, latest trends, DIY tips and pointers and fashion news.

8Nicolette Mason ( Nicolette Mason )


Nicolette Mason is the plus-size fashion blogger who apart from sharing her obsession over body politics, lipstick and shoes is also a brand strategist and consultant for lifestyle, beauty and fashion brands. She also writes for magazines.

7Gia Kashyap ( Gia Says That )


Easily the oldest plus-size blogger on the block, Gia Kashyap has been one of our favourites. Follow her for not just style tips, but DIY and Beauty hacks too.

6Assa Cisse ( My Curves and Curls )


Originally from Mali, Toronto-based Assa Cisse describes her style as “versatile”. Most people know her as the tall curly haired body positive woman.

5Tanesha Awasthi ( Girl With Curves )


One of the most glamourous plus-size bloggers we have today, Tanesha’s blog goes beyond your everyday fashion tips and outfit inspiration. In addition to being a fashion blogger, California-based Tanesha Awasthi is a fashion contributor to Redbook Magazine, a licensed Esthetician, and a graduate of University of California Berkeley. She, through her blog, supports body positive and women empowerment movements, and we couldn’t be more proud! Go, follow!


London-based Callie uses her blog to “share with other women the enjoyment of fashion and beauty at any size”.


Dublin-based Sian had started her fashion blog to show that size has nothing to do with style. She also blogs about skincare and makeup, believes, “a person’s beauty and confidence shouldn’t be measured on the clothes size they wear.”

2Aashna Bhagwani ( Beyond that Bouffant )


The beautiful Aashna Bhagwani is as crazed by fashion as she is by makeup. A quick peek into her life as a blogger and you’ll unlock the answer to finding your self-confidence and inner peace. No kidding!

1Ragini ( Curious Fancy )


Wanna know how to do badass chic? Curious Fancy’s Ragini does eccentric like you wouldn’t believe and she is very fond of it. A gorgeous blend of daring with a side serving of vintage, Ragini is a must-follow.